7.5.20 Update, the state of MSA

Afternoon fellow msa followers, Eric Jarvis here owner/operator of MSA, wanting to give you the current state of things here at MSA. The world is turned inside out, and I am doing my best to make sure yall still have your cars to get around in, and go fast in. With that said, I am running into more and more speed bumps. 


We are currently experiencing a few back orders that are seriously effecting some projects, both here at the shop and for our customers who order and do their own work. I am doing my absolute best to get this stuff to you guys as quickly as I can, I very much appreciate your patience and not nagging me day in and day out! 


Workload at the shop is heavy, thus I have hired two full time helpers, we are currently  training in performance wiring, so as to be able to provide quality, high performance wiring harnesses. The end goal, being to cut out using an old oem harness all together in most cars, be it on a standalone ecu or oem. 


As of last week, we are an official, direct hondata dealer, cutting out the middle man to be able to better serve you, be it pricing, RMA issues, etc. We continue to be a Neptune/Ktuner dealer as well as Haltech, AEM etc. 


Due to some illness inside our little web of friends/family/customers, we are currently not doing in person tuning again for 14 days, but anyone on the schedule may drop the car off the morning of their scheduled tune, and pick up same day! I will be personally sanitizing the car afterwards. Same goes for cars here that are completed in that time frame and being picked up. 


Hopefully I can do one of these updates weekly, and then intermittently rant here about problems or great things around the shop going on to better entertain you guys. 














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