Pre-Tuning Checklist

It is in your best interest to go over this check list before bringing your car to us to tune. This list will cover common issues that can be timely and costly on the dyno. Going over this checklist can also ensure everything is good to go to make the most optimal power safely, but also, potentially save you time and money in the long run.

Electrical & Wiring

  1.  Chassis grounds should be clean bare metal. No paint! 
  2.  Battery ground cable should be at least the same gage or larger than the power cable. A smaller ground cable will almost always cause issues.
  3.  There should never be exposed wires on the engine harness! Exposed wires is a promised short to ground.
  4.  Battery voltage needs to be 12-14v when engine is running.
  5.  Battery relocations should be set up properly and not rigged up for tuning. Voltage changes CAN and HAVE cause issues in the past.
Overall there should be no loose connections or stray wires!  Keep in mind the 4 major grounds include battery, transmission, and valve cover to chassis and the ECU ground to thermostat housing.
Fuel System
It is important you know the function, size and brand of your fuel components. If there are any doubts about the fuel pump we encourage you replace it. Do not install a fuel pump in a rusted or dirty fuel tank this will only ensure you will have issues later on. Same goes with injectors, it is important to know what you are running. If you bought them used we encourage having them tested & flowed. (which we can do PRIOR to your tune date, doing it day of will cost considerably more). Below are some things to keep in mind.
  1.  If you are using a in-line fuel pump we recommend having a good pre & post fuel filter. (pre fuel filter should be 40-100 micron rating while post fuel filter should be 4-10)
  2.  It is good practice to have a trustworthy fuel pressure gauge installed for monitoring. This makes it much easier to troubleshoot if needed. 
  3.  An aftermarket fuel pressure regulator is not always necessary but in some cases it is. If you are unsure if the stock will manage you can contact us and we can guide you. If you do go with aftermarket please steer away from "ebay" style knock offs! That goes for any of your fuel components! We will not tune a car with ebay regulators.
  4.  Check for vacuum and or fuel leaks around the injectors. When using used injectors it is ideal to replace the O-rings. You do not want to use cracked or worn O-rings. 
  5.  The vacuum line running from the intake manifold to the fuel pressure regulator should be secured with zipties and be free of cracks or tears. It is, one of, if not the, most important vacuum line on the car.
  6.  Base fuel pressure in most applications should be 40-50 psi.
  7.  Please have at least 3/4 tank of fuel when you arrive UNLESS we are doing two fuels, then we need to have a plan set up before.

*NOTE* Cars making more than 250whp should ALL have an aftermarket fuel pump relay, we can do it on the spot, for a fee.



We assume you are bringing us a healthy motor and overall car when you arrive for the tune. If the car is down on power and we have to troubleshoot , it will be at an extra cost. We will not run a compression test before the tune so you may want to do so before arriving to ensure the motor is good to go. You should not have more than 20psi variance in compression between cylinders. If you do please contact us beforehand. Please check the following:

  1.  The timing belt needs to be properly installed as well as properly timed. A loose timing belt makes for high risk of jumping time which then will cost time and money and in extreme cases, complete engine failure.
  2.  PLEASE be sure all fluid levels are adequate! Coolant, oil etc. 
  3.  Be sure the throttle body does not bind or stick
  4.  Make certain the clutch you are running will withstand the power you are expecting to make. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us and we will guide you to the best clutch for your power level.



A good proper spark is just as important as fuel delivery, please note:

  1.  If you are not running OEM spark plug wires, please do not use "ebay" style knock off plug wires on your car. They are complete trash, which is about the same for part store distributers. If you must use them, make sure you have spares with you. There are some things you can cheap out on and fuel and ignition components are not one of them.
  2.  Make sure you are running correctly gapped sparkplugs at the correct heat range. We try to keep plugs in stock but is good to have an extra set or two with you for the tune if you do not want to purchase a set while you are here. Please contact us if you need advice on which plugs to run in your build. It is very important that you have the CORRECT plug for your power level/ goals.
  3.  Please make sure your cap & rotor are new/ like new.


Tires & Alignment/Suspension

If your car needs aligned, do it BEFORE you bring it for a tune! Dealing with a tape measure & aligning a car on the dyno is a pain and misaligned cars rob power and create a dangerous environment. Your suspension should all be set correctly and all ball joints, bushings etc. should be in appropriate condition. Your tires should also be in good shape. A blown tire or suspension failure on the dyno is dangerous both to anyone in the area and my equipment. 



  1. Make sure all piping, couplers, and the intercooler are correctly secured. Vacuum lines should be ziptied. Even the smallest boost leaks can show a big decrease in numbers.
  2.  Correct waste gate sizing is important for the most optimal performance. An oversized spring can make for finicky boost control.
  3.  Be sure to plug any unused alternative vacuum holes in your waste gate if there are any. Leaving these opened allows for issues.
  4. Turbo cars with external gates, MUST have dump tubes!


Overall it is important to look over all aspects of the car before arriving for the tune. This will save you time & money. If we come across issues and have to troubleshoot we will apply our labor rate of $100 an hour. If the problem is not resolved, the labor charge would still apply for the time spent troubleshooting and you would have to reschedule your tune for a later date. *IMPORTANT* If there are any check engine lights on or you think there are any chances of something preventing the tune going smoothly please contact us BEFORE your tune! You may also contact us with any questions you may have via Facebook or our shop phone, 606-615-1432.