8 channel LS1 Coil Ford Adapter Sub-harness Only

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V8 Ford Small/Big Block to GM GEN III LS1 Ignition Coil Adapter Sub-harness
Suits: A direct Plug 'n' Play solution to add 8 GM GEN III LS1 ignition coils with Ford Small/Big Blockfiring order to an E2000/2500 Haltech V8 Terminated Harness, Elite + REM 16 Injector Terminated Harness, & Elite + REM Fully Integrated Flying Lead Harness.
Includes: LS1 Ignition coil adapter sub-harness.
Notes: Compatible with both OEM LS1 Bank 1 & 2 Coil pack harnesses and Haltech LS1 Coil pack harness Kit (HT-045657)

8 x LS1 Coils (HT-020102) & GM GEN III LS1 Terminated Harnesses Bank 1 & Bank 2 (HT-045657) are NOT included. Please order separately if required.