Brian Crower K20A/K20Z Stage 2 Camshafts

Brian Crower K20A/K20Z Stage 2 Camshafts

Brian Crower
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After years of high end race and dyno testing, BC has released a line of 8620 steel billet camshafts that deliver the ultimate in high performance. Made from aerospace grade, 8620 steel billet material and CNC ground on state-of-the-art cam grinders, these BC cams deliver the utmost in rigidity at extended rpm range while reducing possible valve float.

 Available in two options:

Forced Induction Spec 
  • Short duration profile builds cylinder pressure by reducing overlap, high lift for more air intake. Part #BC0041-2
Adv Dur 296°/300°
Dur @ .050 222°/224°
Valve Lift (1.75:1) .520"/.497"
Valve Lift (mm) 13.21/12.62


All Motor Street and/or High Boost Turbo

  • 8620 Billet - All motor (11.5:1+) or high boost (18lbs+). Use with CAI, H, E, ECU, A/F mods. Excellent street manners and idle quality. Part #BC0042-2

Adv Dur 304°/300°
Dur @ .050 234°/228°
Valve Lift (1.75:1) .525"/.472"
Valve Lift (mm) 13.34/11.99