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Clutch Masters Hydraulic Release Bearing | 2001 - 2009 Honda S2000 (N08023-H)

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Hydraulic Release Bearing by Clutch Masters

Every Clutch Masters flywheel is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Flywheels are first designed in CAD and are then precision CNC machined in house in one of or Haas CNC lathes out of 6061 aluminum or 1045 steel billet cores. After machining, the flywheel is zero balanced to ensure it is evenly weighted on all sides and spins 100 per cent true. Each aluminum flywheel is Type 3 Hard Anodized for the ultimate in durability and protection of the aluminum. All steel flywheels are black oxide coated to add a layer of rust prevention and gives our steel flywheels a unique black finish. The flywheel is then assembled by a Clutch Master Craftsman, double checked for imperfections and tolerances. All flywheels are SFI 1.2 Certified for use in motorsports.


  • Aluminum Housing and Piston
  • High Speed Roller Bearing
  • Steel Braided lines
  • Shim Kit


  • Less moving parts such as the clutch fork and release bearing, as well as a wearing pivot ball.
  • Softer pedal feel
  • Consistent pressure for easier and smoother engagement.
  • Reduced shock to the drivetrain


  • 2001 - 2009 Honda S2000

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Hydraulic Release Bearing


  • Manufacturers Standard Warranty