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Elite 2500 Toyota 2JZ Terminated Harness IGN-1A ECU Kit

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Elite 2500 with ADVANCED RACE FUNCTIONS - Toyota 2JZ Terminated Harness ECU Kit
Suits both VVT-i and non VVT-i engines
If your engine is fitted with the factory electronic ETCS-i throttle body it will require a "Throttle Convert Kit" or conversion to a cable operated mechanical throttle body.
Suits Bosch EV1 injector connectors - Includes Engine Harness, & Fuse Block Kit.
Includes pre-wired High Output IGN-1A Inductive Coil (with built-in Ignitor) Ignition Harness (IGN-1A coils are NOT included. Please order 6 x HT-020114 if required)