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Nexus R5 - VCU

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Nexus R5
4 x 25A (continuous) push-pull PWM capable (5 kHz) outputs (for power to injectors / coils, transbrake, thermofan, fuel pump)
12 x 8A (continuous) high side outputs (low speed PWM, 200 Hz) outputs (power to sensors, NOS solenoids, etc)
18 x peak/hold injector drivers (can be used as low side drive outputs)
12 x low current ignition outputs (can be used as low side drive outputs)
8 x low side drive outputs, PWM capable (DPOs)
4 x push-pull / h-bridge outputs (8A, PWM capable), eg for electronic throttle
23 x 0-5V analog inputs with redunancy for electronic throttle and switchable 5V pullup
Trigger and home inputs with differential inputs, adjustable thresholds and glitch filters
10 x synchronous pulsed inputs, zero crossing or adjustable thresholds - cam sensor inputs, frequency inputs or 0-5V analog inputs
2 x onboard wideband controllers, supporting NTK and LSU4.9
3 x CAN ports with switchable termination