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Platinum PRO Direct Plug-in - Hyundai BK Theta Genesis Kit

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Platinum PRO Plug-in ECU Hyundai BK Theta Genesis Suits: BK Theta Genesis Kit 2009-2012 2.0 Turbo Manual transmission only. (Also suits 2013-2015 however does not support factory CAN AC request and Electronic Wastegate control - Please see the product quick start guide for further information) Includes: Platinum PRO Direct Plug-in ECU, Plug and pins for auxiliary I/O harness. Haltech CAN adaptor cable DTM-4 female receptacle/socket to 8 pin black Tyco 3"/75mm (used to adapt a Platinum series ECU to a DTM-4 Elite CAN system), USB programming cable and USB Software Key. Notes: DIRECT FLEX READY UPDATE! - Directly accepts an input from a flex fuel sensor.