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SpeedFactory SFWD / AWD Air-to-Air Intercooler (1400HP+)

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Built specifically for cars competing in the SFWD / AWD classes, our 1,400HP+ rated air-to-air intercooler combines our MASSIVE 6" thick, 1-piece core with trick smooth-flowing endtanks and internal charge air diverters to ensure optimum flow over the entire intercooler core surface. Our unique intercooler design allows you to achieve maximum cooling effectiveness with a smaller package than traditional air-to-air intercoolers, opening up valuable space in both front corners of the vehicle for other components that would otherwise be occupied by intercooler piping. The endtanks are carefully hand-formed from H-3 5052 aluminum and fully TIG welded in house.

This intercooler is efficiently cooling intake air temperatures for many cars currently in competition, generating very high boost levels in excess of 50+ psi.

Our SFWD / AWD intercooler comes standard with 3" inlet / 3.5" outlet T-6061 bead rolled tube.  All units ship complete with the SpeedFactory logo stenciled on the face of the core and come with M8x1.25mm aluminum mounting bungs already attached for easy installation.

-1,400HP Rated

-Core size is 18"x12"x6"

-Overall size is 26.5" (Right outside face to left side Inlet) x12" tall x6" thick

-Unparalleled craftsmanship and race proven performance