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SpeedFactory Vertical Flow Intercooler (K-Series, 800HP)

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The SpeedFactory 800 HP-rated Vertical Flow Intercooler was designed specifically for Honda / Acura vehicles equipped with K-Series engines.  This intercooler is built with a high quality 3" thick SpeedFactory Air-to-Air Intercooler Core, featuring bar and plate construction with a staggered fin combination engineered to achieve maximum cooling efficiency while minimizing pressure drop.

Unlike most other vertical flow intercoolers, our longer core fills the entire bumper opening of most Honda / Acura applications to ensure a clean, aesthetically pleasing look as well as superior cooling.

Our superior low-volume, smooth-flowing endtanks provide fast turbocharger spool and high airflow to deliver the power your engine demands.  This intercooler requires minimum charge pipe lengths and keeps all of the intercooler plumbing tidy on the driver's side of the vehicle.

This intercooler is fully TIG welded and is only available with 2.5"" inlet / 2.5"" outlet bead rolled tube ends.

All of our intercoolers ship complete with the SpeedFactory logo stenciled on the face of the core and have M8x1.25mm aluminum mounting bungs already attached for easy installation.

Deliver significantly cooler, denser air to your engine with a performance proven SpeedFactory Racing Intercooler.

-Rated for 800 HP

-Core size is 27"x6"x3"

-Overall size: Please see images

-Will fit most Honda/Acura chassis

-Unparalleled Craftsmanship and race proven performance