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TCA2 - Dual Channel Thermocouple Amplifier Box B - BOX ONLY

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TCA2 - Dual Channel Thermocouple Amplifier (CAN ID - Box B)
Includes: Dual Channel Thermocouple Amplifier, Elite CAN cable DTM-4 to 8 pin Black Tyco - 300mm (12")
As supplied this product is direct Plug 'n' Play compatible with an Elite ECU CAN port, Elite ECU Harness CAN connector or multiple CAN device installation using an Elite 4 Port CAN HUB.

If you are connecting this product with a Platinum Pro Plug-in, Sport or Sprint ECU please order a Haltech CAN Cable (8 pin Black Tyco to 8 pin Black Tyco) in a suitable length for your specific installation.